Day: 15 July 2016


Looks like Don’t Starve Pocket Edition will be coming to Android a lot sooner than originally thought

Don’t Starve’s developer Klei originally teased a possible mobile version back in 2014, then again in 2015 for iOS. However at that time it was stated that an Android version may be unlikely, although that too eventually changed, with Don’t Starve having a planned release date for Android this September. Now it seems like the game may be arriving much sooner that originally thought.


It’s time for another episode of….. Squeem 5000?

If you’ve been following our site for a bit now, then you know we run a couple of different series of videos. These are called Level Up, Gamecrap, and GamePraise. However, while the next installment into those series are being worked on, a new one has somehow emerged from the dark shadow of terrible games of the past. Meet the Squeem 5000.


Suicide Squad: Special Ops comes to Android before the movie release.

This has been a great year for comic book fans. Movies like Captain America Civil War and Deadpool were well received by fans. Up next on the list is Suicide Squad. The cast boasts a few well-known stars, and the action is sure to be over the top. The movie comes out August 5th, but if you want to get into some action with the game, it is now available to download for Android. It is a first person shooter, has slick graphics, good controls and tons of enemies to fight.