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Google’s VR headset plans have changed slightly

Over the weekend there was some news about Google having shuttered their current standalone headset they were working on, but Google hasn’t stopped working on VR related products, such as Daydream. In fact the company is still working hard on Daydream as well as hardware related products for VR.

The current standalone headset that Google was working on has been shuttered, only to make way for a new standalone headset that they have begun instead. According to sources at Google, the headset will still blur the line between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. However, while the original headset has been scrapped, a new high-end one is under development, with employees having been assigned to its development over the past couple of months.

Previous Google VR Headset draft

Also, according to sources at Google, Daydream was never Google’s long-term VR plans either, and more of a stepping stone to something more grander. Interestingly, the headset now in development won’t require an Android phone or a computer to run, making it a true standalone headset. Features will, however, be more in line with Augmented Reality systems than those of VR.

Google has also recently invested in a company called Magic Leap, which is a startup that has similar goals to the new headset Google is working on, which is creating “mixed reality” with a dedicated headset. No word right now though as to whether or not Magic Leap will be a part of this new headset or something completely different. I will say the sounds of this new headset are pretty interesting. Hopefully Google releases a few details about it soon.

Website Referenced: Engadget

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