Day: 3 August 2016


Futuristic Arcade Racer Riptide GP: Renegade Jets onto Nvidia Shield

Featuring very detailed high-definition visuals and effects, Riptide GP: Renegade puts players in the role of a hydro jet racer who has been framed and banned from the professional Riptide GP league. In order to restore your reputation as the best racer on the planet you must compete in illegal races around the city. Since the races you find yourself in are not sanctioned, you will not only have to race against other participants but also evade the police who have their own hydro jet bikes. The combination of being both a racer and a fugitive is one of the things that makes Riptide GP: Renegade a refreshingly different take on traditional arcade-style racing.


Telltale Games’ upcoming Batman series now has a new release date for mobile

As you probably are already well aware of, Telltale Games has a new Batman themed series in the works which is pretty much ready for launch. In fact it has already made its way to PC via Steam, the PS4 using the Playstation Network, and the Xbox One via Xbox Live Game Store as of yesterday. Originally, the global launch for the first episode of this new series was supposed to be for all platforms yesterday, but that seems to have changed slightly.


[Game Released] Square Enix confirms a Western release for Mobius Final Fantasy, arriving August 3rd on Android

Mobius Final Fantasy is a game we reported on back in April 2015 when the game was originally revealed. At that time there was no confirmation on whether or not this game would see life over on Western shores. However, thanks to a new announcement trailer from Square Enix, we now have confirmation of a Western release which will be happening in August of this year.


Foursaken Media releases All is Lost for Android. It is another highly-polished release from a great developer.

Foursaken Media delivers again. All is Lost was released a few months ago for iOS. We thought it would come out shortly thereafter for Android, but Foursaken Media opted to keep it in development a bit longer, and it worked. The game is fun, challenging and has impressive graphics. Your mission is to get as many of your crew members off a derelict space station as possible. Good luck with that!


FIE Swordplay comes to Android, and it’s brilliant.

I was elated when I learned that FIE Swordplay would eventually make its way to Android. Checking out the first few screenshots and looking at videos, let me know the force could be strong with this one. If you enjoy the extremely popular, but rarely seen sport of fencing, then FIE Swordplay is a game you should check out. If you aren’t familiar with fencing, this game is the perfect way to learn more.