Day: 29 August 2016


Fight back against invading zombie armies in Puzzle and Zombie – Arena, now out on Google Play

Released by Crab Soft, Puzzle And Zombie – Arena is a new hybrid match three game with a zombie apocalypse theme. Players will be looking to rescue survivors that are under threat of the zombie masses. Players will travel from one location to the next, and will fight against waves of zombies. The match three portion of the game is filled with a variety of items that either heal your party, or fire weapons (with a heavy emphasis on the latter).


Duke Nukem 3D: Hail to the King collection will no longer be happening

Back in early 2015 we learned that there would be a collection of games heading to Android in the near future called Duke Nukem 3D: Hail to the King Collection which was being developed by Voidpoint. Since the initial story we followed the development of said collection of games, including having a great interview with Richard “TerminX” Gobeille of Voidpoint. However, now we have some bad news to report, which is this collection of games has now been canceled.


Venture off for adventure with only your sword in Dragon Sword, now out on Google Play

Fans of the Hack ‘n’ Slash genre will have another game to sink their teeth into, those this one has a casual feel to it. Released by GameRepubliq, Dragon Sword is a tale of Ryu (the character whom players will control), who sets out with his sword to defeat evil. The game is spread out over several different locations that include forests, tundras, islands, beaches, and deserts.


Madfinger Games releases the first gameplay trailer for their upcoming Shadowgun Legends game

During the now concluded Gamescom 2016 show Madfinger Games revealed what their next title would be, which is a Destiny-style game called Shadowgun Legends. While we already have a fair amount of details revealed about this game, the only gameplay we have seen has been that short clip in the video leaked out the other week. Well now we have a bit more of an official look at the gameplay for Shadowgun Legends.