Day: December 7, 2016

Game News

Sony gets back into smartphone games with 10 Playstation titles coming to Android devices

Sony has decided to follow in Nintendo’s footsteps by announcing today that the company is planning to bring 10 Playstation games to Android and iOS devices. It’s a bit odd to say that Sony is following Nintendo as this isn’t Sony’s first time in the smartphone gaming scene at all. The company had the Xperia Play Android gaming phone, and also had the Playstation Mobile store where Android users could purchase games for Xperia devices, some of which were Playstation titles.

Game News

Niantic has an announcement to make on December 12th about the 100 new Pokemon arriving

The other news regarding Pokemon GO yesterday, about the 100 new 2nd generation Pokemon making their appearance on December 8th, seems to have either been off or has changed. The chances are, since this will arrive as an update, that it is the latter of the two options and Niantic has decided to change when they are arriving because of the leaked Starbucks document.