Day: 6 January 2017


Platformer game Cloudbuilt is now available on Nvidia Shield

Sonic and Mirror’s Edge might be the games that first come to mind when you think of fast-running platformers, but for the past two years newcomer Cloudbuilt has been attempting to make its name known, by combing elements of the two aforementioned franchises. Formerly available only on Steam, Cloudbuilt is now available to Nvidia Shield owners for the first time via the GeForce Now streaming platform. 


Usagiman is the Mega Man mobile deserves!

Well words out, Mega Man 1-6 have officially arrived…and the buzz is well, meh. Ranging from 2.5-4 stars at the time of this writing. Let me sooth you. Meet Usagiman. Usagiman is pretty much a Mega Man inspired fan game. It’s frantic, it’s fast, it’s fun, with fantastic gameplay. Oh, and it’s free and full of heart!