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Marvel Future Fight: Update 2.9 is Today: Dreaded Dormammu has Arrived to Torment the Inhumans

The two teasers we previously received were for a new area, New Attilan, and a new character, the Doctor Strange villain Dormammu.  Now, Netmarble has not only released the entirety of the patch notes, but has also said that the update actually goes live today!

The biggest chunk of this update comes from the 7 new characters we’ll be getting.  There’s Crystal, Karnak, Gorgon, Inferno, Maximus the Mad, Moon Girl (along with Devil Dinosaur), and the Dreaded Dormammu.  Inferno will be obtainable as either a shifter in the new Inhumans Special Missions area, or as part of the buy 20 Biometrics Daily Package. The Ruler of the Dark Dimension, Dormammu, being a native Tier-2 character, will only be available the the Quest Pack “The Ruler of the Dark Dimension.”  The rest of the characters can all be received through the Inhumans Special Missions.

As for the new costumes, Black Bolt gets his Inhumans: Attilan Rising suit, Elsa Bloodstone gets her Monsters Unleashed! costume, and Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) gets her Karachi costume.  Kamala also gets her Tier-2 skill with this update.  As usual the new costumes will be at a discounted crystal rate for purchase for a time after the update.

Along with the new playable characters and costumes, the Special Missions section adds a second level.  We’ll now be able to choose from either the New Avengers or the Inhumans missions.  Along with this the energy consumption rates, entry charges, and rewards have all been altered slightly to make time for other content.  But, most interestingly, there has been a cool new feature added to the Inhumans’ Special Missions- hidden routes.  Now players have the potential to run across hidden pathways to find additional rewards and benefits through the levels.  Finding them will grant players chances to find extra items along their journey as well as add a layer of change to the occasionally repetitive levels when grinding.

Another new feature is the Quest Packs.  There’ll be either the “Ruler of the Dark Dimension” or the “War of Kings” packs to choose from.  They’ll give players new achievements to shoot for in the Special Missions section, as well as completion rewards.

Then we get the new Alliance changes.  Players can now donate resources to the Alliance shop.  Donating gold or Alliance Mementos will level up the Alliance Store and earn players tokens to use there.  Alliances also now can create custom emblems to be shown in the Alliance Battles and Tournaments.

Lastly, there have been alterations to some co-op rewards, Uru enhancements, Epic Quest entry fees, and a slew of bug fixes. 

Severs will be under maintenance for this patch from 10am to 5pm PST. For the full patch outline and details check out the Official Marvel Future Fight Website.

Google Play: Marvel Future Fight 

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