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Asphalt Street Storm Racing is out right now on Android

Asphalt Street Storm Racing

Asphalt Street Storm Racing has just launched out of nowhere on Android, so go and grab it right now from Google Play.

The latest instalment in Gameloft’s racing franchise drops focuses on four player multiplayer drag races. Out go the ridiculous tracks and takeouts, and in comes a focus on gear changes and speed.

If you’ve seen the early Fast & Furious films, you’ll know exactly what to expect here. You and up to four other players face off in a short race to the finish line. So gear changes and liberal use of your nitro are key.

Asphalt Street Storm Racing is out now!

There are a range of vehicles to unlock and upgrade, from muscles to Supercars – all of which are licensed. You can upgrade all of their components to create your own racing style as well.

You’ll race through the greatest cities too, from New York, to Paris, and even Hong Kong. The weather will vary drastically as well, from scorching heat to a full on blizzard.

Oh, and of course you can take bets on races. You can keep it small or go right in for a pink slip for a chance to steal an opponent’s car. Just be careful though, as you might lose your own in the process!

Asphalt Street Storm Racing is out right now on Google Play, so go grab it and we’ll see you on the streets.

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