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5 Android stories we missed this week

Clash of Clans Android

The weekend may nearly be over but don’t despair – Droid Gamers is here to save the day. We’ve got games to recommend and the best Android news stories from the week rounded up.

Today is slightly different though. While we make an enormous effort to bring you the best Android news each week, a few stories do slip through the net. That’s what happens when you cover something as big as Android though.

So sit back, grab yourself a cup of coffee, and enjoy the rest of your Sunday with these top five stories we missed.

The biggest Android story we missed: Supercell is hiring a new Clash of Clans builder

This builder stuff is getting weirder by the minute. First he up and leaves Clash of Clans, then he returns as a Facebook camera filter.

Now, Supercell has posted an official job ad for a new builder. No, we’re not joking – you can check out the job ad right here. In a nice touch, you can apply by email or baby dragon. Good old Supercell.

Clash of Clans

Tekken is coming to Android and you can pre-register now

If you’re still reeling from the disappointing Street Fighter IV Champion Edition, we’ve got good news for you. Tekken is coming to mobile soon to save the day. You can pre-register right now as well.

Sure, it’s a different franchise entirely, but judging from the brief trailer it looks like it gets the mobile fighter right. You’ve got gorgeous graphics, collectible fighters, and no ugly virtual controls in sight.

A mobile game based on Kingsman: The Golden Circle is coming soon

This week, a mobile game based on Kingsman: The Golden Circle was teased, and with very little information. All we really got was the announcement and the fact it’s an action puzzler.

The game takes the form of a training simulation, and you’ll play as various characters from the movie. Each has their own skills and gadgets that will come in useful.

A Fire Emblem Heroes updated added characters from The Sacred Stones

The Fire Emblem Heroes updates continued to arrive thick and fast this week, with four new characters from The Sacred Stones introduced. For whippersnappers, that was a Game Boy Advance entry.

Amelia, Innes, Tana, and Seth are all now available with new skills and everything. Go ahead and grab it right now from Google Play to get involved.

Miracle Merchant was originally a burger making game based on Spongebob

Tinytouchtales announced this week that Miracle Merchant was originally a burger making game featuring Spongebob Squarepants. Sadly, Nickelodeon wasn’t interested in the pitch though.

At least we got the game in some capacity though, even if it didn’t feature everyone’s favourite talking sponge.

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