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Crescent Moon: Morphite will launch on Android today

Morphite Android

Boy, do we have news for you. Previously, we reported that Morphite would launch on Android by the end of the year, and then narrowed it down to this week.

Well, now we can confirm that it will launch today on Android. That’s from Crescent Moon itself in a recent tweet.

Morphite will launch today on Android

In case you don’t know, it’s basically No Man’s Sky for mobile – but better. You’ll visit a bunch of planets, scan local life, and sell it to buy gear for yourself and your ship.

Then, you’ll do it all over again, but you’ll have way more travel options at your disposal thanks to your new kit. It’s very fun and addictive stuff.

We’ll try and update you as soon as Morphite launches, but here’s a link to where it will be on Google Play. Just keep clicking it until it works.

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