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RebirthM review – born again

In many ways, RebirthM is an incredibly traditional MMORPG. Set in the fantasy world of Arcross, it involves a war in which several human kingdoms go up against an army of powerful monsters. Narrow your eyes and it could almost be Lord of the Rings.

What sets RebirthM apart, from its platform stablemates at least, is its sheer depth and scale. This is one of those games that reminds you how far smartphone technology has come in a few short years.

You play as a mercenary, and your goal (aside from making money, which is a mercenary’s whole thing) is to put a stop to the chaos that’s destroying Arcross. Naturally, you can choose your character class (Slayer, Berserker, Ranger, or Wizard) and name, but otherwise it’s a pretty seamless process from booting the game up to commencing the campaign.

As a new arrival, you have to seek out advice and guidance from NPCs. Characters you can speak to are clearly indicated, and those who can give you quests have glowing exclamation marks above their heads, so you’re unlikely to get lost.

The RPG reborn?

In fact, it’s more or less impossible to lose your way since you can choose to autoquest, which involves simply watching your character navigate and fight, with no input from you unless you want to have some.

To give you a semblance of oversight, the game does let you set your character’s PK mode. Defensive means you only fight back if attacked, Peaceful means you don’t attack under any circumstances, Hostile means you attack everyone who isn’t in your guild, and so on.

Your active quests and subquests are displayed at all times on the left of the screen, and you can easily switch between them with a tap, whereupon your avatar will simply change direction. RebirthM is determined to make life easy for you, even prompting you to automatically equip items you collect.

Going solo

In practice, the single-player campaign is a strings of quests in which you kill a bunch of enemies or collect a bunch of stuff for somebody else, but they move the story forward nicely, introducing you to a progressively more useful cast of characters who give you weapons, mounts, pets, and more.

These characters are full of, well, character, and while the dialogue in English is woefully translated, the conversations still bounce along with plenty of verve.

As you play you’ll unlock more and more of the game, including dungeons that you can visit as many times as you like (for diminishing returns), a collection page where you can level up your mounts, pets, and changeform, a guild page, and more.

There’s also a neat mechanism for interacting with other players. Tap on a human avatar and you’ll see a menu allowing you to make a friend request or a party request, block them if they’re being rude, and so on. It all works very slickly.

Check out RebirthM

RebirthM has all the RPG trappings you’d expect to see in a mobile RPG, including page upon page of achievements to claim, missions to complete, items to equip, and so on. There’s no need for us to go into all that because you’ve seen it all before.

What you really need to know about RebirthM is that it plays slickly and looks spectacular, with high quality 3D visuals, a gigantic world to explore, full of NPCs and other players, a huge cast of three-dimensional characters, and an ominous orchestral score.

Pretty much the first thing you do in the game is get on the back of an enormous dragon, and this sets the pace for what it certainly among the biggest and most polished mobile MMORPGs available right now.

Check out RebirthM now – it’s available on Google Play (and the App Store) right this second.



If you’re on the lookout for a new RPG fix, RebirthM should do the trick.


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