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Call of Duty Mobile might get a battle royale mode

Call of Duty Android

According to Reddit user shadohunter3321, who has released a number of different YouTube videos for the upcoming Call of Duty Mobile, the upcoming mobile shooter might get a battle Royale mode.

Though we can’t confirm this right now, it’s not a crazy suggestion. The shooter is developed by Tencent who also released PUBG Mobile.

Call of Duty Mobile will also get new maps and modes

Also, Black Ops 4 has a battle Royale mode that has taken the world by storm. It would be a little odd for some gamers to play a Call of Duty without it now.

The Reddit user also revealed that new maps and game modes are on the way, and included screenshots of a few notable classics. We were pretty excited to see Firing Range make an appearance.

We’ll keep an eye on the game, which is currently available in Asia and has soft launched in Australia. As soon as the battle royale rumours are confirmed, we’ll let you know.

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