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Android: 5 games news you have to read this week

Axis & Allies Online Android

If you were too busy to keep on top of all of the Android gaming news stories this week, don’t worry. We’ve rounded up all of the biggest stories in one place just for you.

The biggest Android news story this week: Axis & Allies Online is Beamdog’s latest project

Beamdog has just announced its next project: Axis & Allies Online. It’s a digital version of the board game of the same name that takes place in 1942. You and up to five players will select between one of the five different powers as you strive to take each of the biggest cities in the world.

An Android version hasn’t been announced, but we’d expect that to follow given Beamdog’s pedigree.

Mad World aims to bring the classic MMORPG back on mobile

Mad World is an upcoming MMORPG that wants to bring the genre back to its roots. You’ll fight monsters, mine resources, and craft equipment to improve your character. It’s fully cross platform too, on any device that supports HTML5.

Raidfield 2 is Battlefield on mobile, out now in alpha

Raidfield 2 is an attempt to bring the Battlefield experience to mobile. You and a bunch of players will battle it out to capture and hold onto three different points on a sizeable map. There are four different classes to play as, including: Assault, Medic, Heavy, and Sniper.

Raidfied 2 Android

Valkyrie Anatomia – The Origin will launch globally this year

Valkyrie Anatomia is a mobile exclusive prequel to Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth. Previously, it was only available in Japan but this year it’s on its way west.

Evolution: The Video Game is out right now on Android

Evolution: The Video Game is a digital version of the board game that challenges you to create a new species. You and a bunch of other players will battle it out to see who can evolve the best species.

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