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LifeAfter, NetEase’s acclaimed iOS zombie apocalypse survival sim, is now out on Android

There have been countless predictions about the future. By far the most common involves a zombie apocalypse of some kind. As a species we seem to agree that a global outbreak of zombies is simply the most likely outcome of current events.

LifeAfter is the latest bit of apocalyptic prognostication, and it comes from Chinese studio NetEase.

The game involves trying to survive in a post-civilization wasteland, after a highly contagious virus turns the bulk of humanity into glowing braindead killers.

Accompanied by your dog (uninfected – phew!), you have to hunt, forage, and generally take care of every aspect of human survival, including chopping down trees and smashing up rocks for material with which to make weapons and tools.

Naturally, you also need to fend off the odd wave of zombies by shooting or swinging your machete at them.

The game world is truly impressive for a mobile game, with an array of sprawling, painstakingly detailed, beautifully rendered 3D environments to roam around in. You’ll visit a ruined city, an abandoned mine, a derelict college, and more, all the while working around the day/night cycle and the local climate.

Living in a LifeAfter

You see, not only are you affected by hunger, forcing you to ensure a supply of food through hunting and foraging, but you get hit by the cold too, which makes night times tricky.

This all makes for a fine story campaign in the spirit of The Walking Dead or The Last of Us, but there’s more. LifeAfter has a multiplayer component too.

For a start, you can find a friend and make them your “roommate”, allowing the two of you to access otherwise inaccessible content. As you level-up your friendliness you gain access to a growing suite of perks, harvesting crops for each other and sharing most resources.

And beyond that you can create or join a camp. Camps can contain up to 80 players, with new recruits living on the outside and working their way in as they prove their worth. The benefits of camp membership include free meals, access to paying tasks, and general protection and shelter.

But this comes at a cost. When the zombies roll in you have to join the fight, and if the mayor instructs you to attack another player’s base, you’d better fall in line.

LifeAfter is available now on Google Play.

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