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Durango, the Monster Hunter-like MMO, has finally soft launched on Android


The upcoming Monster Hunter-like mobile MMO Durango has finally soft launched. Android gamers in Canada, Australia, and the Philippines (and those that can bypass regional restrictions) can check it out right now.

You play as a survivor in a primitive land packed full of dinosaurs. You’ll explore a collection of islands, gather resources, hunt local wildlife, and build your own settlement.

Durango: Wild Lands is basically Monster Hunter meets an MMO

It’s basically a survival experience like Crashlands, Minecraft, or Don’t Starve, except it’s also completely online and you can play with friends. Once you’ve created your own village, your friends can visit whenever they like.

Crafting also plays a huge role, as you can farm, build, cook, mine, tame animals, and gather various materials. You can then turn all of that stuff into weapons, gear, food, and a variety of other useful items.

So if that sounds good to you, and you live in Australia, Canada, or the Philippines, go ahead and grab Durango from Google Play right now. The rest of you can pre-register on Google Play to grab it as soon as it’s out.

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