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Innovative Roguelike Reventure Gets a Free-to-Play Version, with New Content to Come

Reventure, the highly innovative roguelike from developed Pixelatto, is now available in both free and premium forms. 

Released last year, Reventure sees you venturing out into a fantasy kingdom on an heroic quest. This quest is doomed to end in failure, but that’s fine because the goal of the game is not to succeed but to die in every available fashion. 

There are 100 of these in total, and as you whittle them down it becomes increasingly difficult to contrive an original death. As you try you’ll explore a world full of clever puzzles and humor.

The free version of Reventure differs from the paid one in that you get three lives, with a new one being added to your stock every hour. Naturally you can pay to expedite matters. 

There’s a content drop on the way, too. Pixelatto is celebrating the game’s anniversary with new stuff that will allow you to achieve a logically impossible 125% completion rate. 

In the meantime you can download the free version of Reventure here. The paid one, meanwhile, is currently on sale for a dollar.

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