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Dere Evil Exe Sequel HopBound is a Psychological Horror Game with a Retro Aesthetic

HopBound, from AppSir, Inc, is a visually arresting psychological horror game that’s just arrived on the Google Play Store. It’s the follow-up to the well-received Dere Evil Exe.

Presented in a spare color scheme of white, yellow, teal, and plenty of black, the game revolves around a troubled character called Mayumi who is attempting to come to terms with a traumatic incident from her past by journeying through a vintage game. Aren’t we all?

In gameplay terms, HopBound is an endless runner along the lines of Canabalt, but full of horrible monsters, including a gigantic flying dragon-worm-type thing with a skeletal face. There are multiple modes, leaderboards, and a strong narrative element.

It also features enemies from previous games, but morphed into horrifying retro game sprites. In contrast with most sequels, this one is smaller and more intimate than its predecessor. Hopefully that’s to the benefit of the story.

You can download HopBound for free right now on Google Play.

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