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Peak’s Edge Is a Pyramidal Roguelike from Innovative Developer Kenny Sun, Out Soon

Peak’s Edge is the latest elegant, innovative puzzler from developer Kenny Sun, whose other games include Twinfold, Yankai’s Triangle, and A Hollow Doorway.

Sun does an excellent line in gorgeous, simple, and inventive puzzle games, and Peak’s Edge looks like no exception. 

Pitched as a “pyramidal puzzle roguelike”, it sees you rolling multicolored pyramids around on a triangular grid, defeating other tumbling pyramids as you navigate your way towards a portal that zaps you to the next grid.

The game boasts 30 armor types, 25 skills, infinite replayability, procedurally generated micro-puzzles, and “pretty fun gameplay”.

Peak’s Edge is currently available for pre-registration. It’s out on iOS, however, and there’s nothing about the Android version coming later on the game’s official site, so you can confidently expect to see it on Google Play soon. 

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