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Check Out the Winners of the Google Indie Games Festival Right Here

While the format of the Google Indie Games Festival might have had to change due to the current situation in the world, the ethos behind it certainly hasn’t. The aim of the festival was to highlight some of the amazing independent games available on the Google Play Store.

And judging by the festival winners, it’s definitely gone and done that. There were three different regions in the contest – Europe, South Korea and Japan – and Google has revealed the top ten games from each of those territories.

And The Winners Are…

The top three games win packages including Play Store promotion, Google hardware and more. And we’d be hard-pressed to think of more deserving winners. Among the thousands of entries, the top tens from each region contain some truly sparkling gems.

In Europe the top three places went to Cookies Must Die by Rebel Twin, inebnto by Afterburn and The White Door by Rusty Lake Games. In Japane the top awards went to Gigafall by Shiki Games Studios, Metboy! by Rebuild Games and Wasurenaide, otona ni natte mo by Gagex. The South Korean winners were Heroes Restaurant by Team Tapas, Magic Survival by Leme and Project Mars by MoonTm.

If you want to check out the complete list of finalists, click here. Massive congratulations to all the games that made it to the final.

While it’s sad that there couldn’t be physical showcases of all the games up for awards, it’s great to see Google still finding a way to follow through with the Indie Games Festival. Here’s hoping it’s an initiative we see more of in the future – more smaller games means more innovation means more fun.

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