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Mario Kart Tour Heads to the Wild West

The newest tour for Nintendo’s mobile kart game has just kicked off, and it’s set to take players to the wild west. The Wild West Tour, which runs until August 12th, brings with it new racers, tracks and challenges.

The new characters are Cowboy Wario, who’s available until August 4th. He’ll then be replaced by Nabbit. There’ll also be different karts and gliders available from Spotlight Pipes – Brown Offroader Kart and Rainbow Starchute Glider until the 4th, then Carrot Kart and Nabbit Oilpaper Glider until the 12th.

There’s the usual array of Tour Gifts on offer, with extra goodies for those who are Gold Pass subscribers.

You’re going to be racing along in the classic Kalimari Desert 2 course from Mario Kart 64. There are railroad tracks, massive jumps and a terrifying sandstorm to contend with. That means you’re going to need your wits about you for sure.

There are also going to be events popping up in the middle of the tour, so make sure you keep an eye out for them. Expect a few other tweaks here and there that are going to make the Mario Kart Tour experience even more entertaining.

Click here and you can download Mario Kart Tour from the Google Play Store. It’s still one of the best kart racers available for mobile, and we reckon this new tour is just going to make things better.

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