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Kingdom Two Crowns Has Just Been Updated with Cross-Platform Saves, Breakable Pikes, and More

Kingdom Two Crowns, the highly acclaimed 2D strategy sequel from Raw Fury, has just received a fairly substantial update on Android (and every other platform).

Version 1.1.5 introduces cross-saves, allowing you to save your game on one platform and load it up on another. To spell that out, you can play on your PC, save, and then pick up your Android phone later and carry on where you left off. There’s just one catch: you’ll need to set up a Kingdom account.

Also included in the latest update are various performance improvements, and new and improved pikes. And by improved, we mean “made worse”. Pikes now deteriorate and break, forcing pikemen to source new ones intermittently.

Released on Android earlier this year, Kingdom Two Crowns is a multiplayer take on Kingdom: New Lands, the stylish, pixelart game in which you have to establish yourself as a ruler in a brutal medieval world by micromanaging everything from reinforcing walls to killing stuff.

You can download Kingdom Two Crowns right now on the Google Play Store for the temporarily reduced price of $6.49.

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