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Dadish 2, from Super Fowlst Developer CatCup Games, Is Coming to Android on January 18th

Dadish 2, sequel to the charming, well-crafted, and surprisingly demanding platformer from Super Fowlst developer CatCup Games, is coming to the Google Play Store on the 18th of January.

In case you missed it, Dadish was a real gem. It sees you playing as a radish whose little radish offspring have gone missing. Inevitably, each one is at the end of a short, sharp platformer stage, and each one greets you with a witty line of dialogue when you catch up with it.

Dadish 2 takes place after an impromptu Bring Your Kids to Work Day goes horribly wrong, sundering Dadish’s children once again to perilous locations throughout the 2D gameworld.

You’ll need to navigate swamps, ride rockets, climb a tree, and even visit outer space. There are 50 levels, five bosses, screechy possums, sassy radish babies, collectible stars, unlockable secrets, and much more.

You can pre-register for Dadish 2 right now on the Google Play Store.

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