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PvP Card Scrapper Spelldust Launching Worldwide on June 22nd

Spelldust from Grand Pike is set to launch globally later this month. The game has already been in soft launch in Scandinavia and south America since April, and the time has come for a full roll out.

The game sees wizards dueling it out in one-on-one battles. The spells you’re tossing around are all represented by cards, and there’s more than a glimmer of Clash Royale in the mechanics here.

But there are also shades of Hearthstone and other deck-builders, and some ideas thrown in from RTS games as well. Spelldust is a big mix of concepts, squodged down into mobile-friendly form. Here’s a trailer that does better at explaining things than mere words.

“We are really excited about launching Spelldust and thrilled to show the world what we been working on for the last couple of years.”, says Daniel Öhgren, CEO at Grand Pike, “We have developed Spelldust for gamers, and we want to include our players in helping us improve the game in the future.”

And gamers don’t have long to wait to poke at Spelldust with their gaming fingers. The game is set to launch on June 22nd, which by our reckoning is just under two weeks. Doesn’t time fly, eh?

You can learn more about Spelldust by clicking here and checking out the game’s official website.

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