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MU Archangel Gets the Chrysos World Server and More in its First Major Content Update

Just a few weeks after going live in Southeast Asia, Webzen’s MU Archangel has just received its first major content update. The latest version of the game features a new Chrysos World Server, along with several other additions and improvements. 

In case you missed it, MU Archangel is the third mobile game based on the classic Korean MMORPG MU Online, which first appeared two decades ago. It’s also the closest to the source material. 

It sees you picking a class – Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, or Elf – and heading to familiar locations like Blood Castle, Square of Devil, and Chaos Castle to kill monsters, accumulate XP, join a guild, hoover up loot, complete quests, and much more. 

The Chrysos World Server is now one of the game’s “core pillars of gameplay”, allowing large numbers of players to complete raids and gather Sacraments like Blue Orb and Blue Crown. 

It also serves as a hub for players looking to go on raids for elite monsters like the terrifyingly named Bone Scorpion. These appear randomly in the Chrysos World Server every Saturday and Sunday from 11 till 5am the following day, and when you kill them you get various rare items like Wing and Pet combination materials. 

But the fun doesn’t stop there. The latest MU Archangel update also adds a set of new secret dungeons called “Kundun’s Seal”, consisting of Silver and Gold dungeons where you can earn rare items and EXP. You’ll have to be at level 400 to access it, though. 

There’s also a new Potential system, letting you boost the upgrade options for Tier 3 or higher Godly equipment by spending Potential Stones. These are found – where else? – in Kundun’s Seal. Once you hit Potential Level 4, the Legendary option becomes available. 

Finally, alongside a few tweaks and improvements there’s a higher level cap. Webzen has lifted it from 400 to 500.

To check these new features out, download MU Archangel for free right now on the Google Play Store and the App Store

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