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Fatal Falls DLC and Custom Mode Out Now for Dead Cells

The Fatal Falls DLC has landed for the Android version of Dead Cells, bringing with it a bunch of exciting new content for you to hack and slash your way through in the side-scrolling roguelite.

The DLC adds some new mid-game content, including new biomes the Fractured Shrines, the Undying Shores and the Mausoleum. You’ve also got new monsters to fight in the shape of the Cold Blooded Guardians.

You’ll get new weapons too, and a new boss – the Scarecrow – to try and take down. The DLC is available as an IAP and it’ll set you back $3.99 to add it to your game.

The Custom Mode is also available as a free update. This lets players muck around with the settings of the game – you can limit your items, mutations and outfits, add starter items, adjust the timer settings and loads more.

This upgrade, which is available to all players if they update from the Play Store also includes a brand new biome, 8 new weapons and items, 9 new monsters and a bunch more stuff to boot.

And on top of all that, Dead Cells is now on sale for half price until September 28th to celebrate the launch of the Fatal Falls DLC. You can grab the game from the Play Store by clicking here.

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