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New Hellas & Elysium DLC Available for Terraforming Mars

Red planet-building board game adaptation Terraforming Mars from Asmodee Digital has some more distant lands for you to play with. Because it’s just been updated with a new chunk of premium DLC – Hellas & Elysium.

The DLC adds two new maps to the game, called – and this might come as something of a shock – Hellas and Elysium. What can you expect from these new maps? Excellent question.

Hellas adds the Hellas Sea and the South Pole to the game as placement bonuses. The former yields heat, the latter an ocean tile for six Megacredits. Those deals are only available once, though.

And Elysium?

Another great question. Elysium is set on the other face of the planet and features a whole bunch of placements, with a lot of them revolving around volcanic locations such as Olympus Mons.

With the new maps there are also new Awards and Milestones. There’s the Space Baron award and Polar Explorer milestone in Helas and the Estate dealer title objective on Elysium.

The DLC will set you back $4.49, and it’s available to download right this second. Obviously you’ll need to also download Terraforming Mars to play it and you can do that by clicking here. The base game would normally cost $8.99, but it appears to be on sale right now as well. Neato.

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