5 Android stories you should have read this week

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Android

It was a busy week for us on Droid Gamers thanks to a sheer influx of top Android gaming stories. Seriously, where are do we find the time to cover them all!

You’ve probably got other problems, like being too busy to catch up on everything? Well, we can certainly help you there. Read on for the top five Android stories you probably missed this week.

The biggest Android gaming story: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery soft launched

One of the year’s biggest games entered soft launch this week. That’s right it’s Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, an adventure that invites you to study all seven years at the magical school itself.

Read more: we went into more detail about the soft launch and game in this week’s article.

Maple Story M entered a very brief beta period

Maple Story M is surely ramping up for launch, as it just entered a very brief beta period lasting only a week. You can try the mobile version of the side scrolling MMORPG right now if you’re quick.

MapleStory M Android

Read more: grab Maple Story M by following the link in this week’s article.

You can now pre register for Tekken Mobile

Tekken is coming to mobile soon, and this week it became available for pre registration. It looks like the real deal as well, with a huge roster, gorgeous visuals, and even a solo campaign.

Tekken Android

Read more: we go into more detail and include a link to pre register in this week’s article.

PUBG like Rules of Survival now runs in 60 fps

PUBG mimicker Rules of Survival now has an option to run it in a higher frame rate thanks to a new update this week. It also includes a new mode and backpack customisation.

Read more: learn more about this massive new update in this week’s article.

Out There Chronicles Episode One is now free

Out There Chronicles Episode Two came out this week, and it’s thanks to this that the first episode is now free.

Read more: grab the first episode by following the link in this week’s article, then play the second by doing the same in our big list of the week’s best games.

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