7 new Android games you have to play this week

Disney Heroes Android

It’s the weekend! So take off your work clothes and go out and enjoy the sunshine. While you’re out there, you could play some of these new excellent Android games. Enjoy!

The best new Android game this week: Disney Heroes: Battle Mode – Get it

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode takes the top spot this week. It’s one of those typical collect a bunch of heroes and take part in action RPG battles. But it’s Disney, so all of your favourite childhood heroes will feature.

Iron Throne – Get it

Iron Throne is the latest RTS that plans to challenge Clash of Clans‘ dominance. This one’s got a gorgeous 3D world and a dark edge to the visuals for those not really into cartoons.

World of Tennis: Roaring ’20s – Get it

World of Tennis fires you right back into the ’20s to enjoy tennis like in the good old days. You’ll swipe and tap to control your player, participate in leagues and tournaments, and play against friends in multiplayer.

Homo Machina – Get it

Homo Machina is certainly the most interesting release this week. You have to solve puzzles to learn more about the inner workings of the human body.

Among the Stars – Get it

Among the Stars is a mobile reimagining of the popular board game. You’ll place cards to build a space base, ensuring its got enough power to function. Meanwhile, your opponent is doing the same.

Animal Super Squad – Get it

Animal Super Squad is a gorgeous physics-based adventure in which you help navigate your famous animal through a danger-filled level. You can even create your own levels and share them.

Diggerman – Get it

Diggerman is a digging game in which you have to dig a ton of mud to try and save your wife. She’s been stolen by a massive angry mole.

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