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9 new Android games you have to play this week

Mini DAYZ Android

Everyone’s outside enjoying the summer sun, so as you can expect Android is light on games. Then again, last week was so strong in terms of releases, that we’re fine with having a bit of a breather.

Having said that, we didn’t really struggle to fill this page with new Android releases either. As ever, there are a few gems in the rough that are worth the download, and we’ve rounded them up for you. Enjoy your weekends!

The best Android game this week: Mini DAYZ

This was a nice surprise – a completely portable version of our favourite online survival game. Sure, it doesn’t contain multiplayer, and it’s a little pared back in comparison to the PC original, but most of the features remain intact.

You’ll still sneak around a post apocalyptic world crawling with undead, as you struggle to survive. Gathering resources remain key, as you’ll need a steady supply of ammo, water, and food.

You don’t have to focus on exploring though. If you’d rather turtle up and create your own mini fortress, that’s totally an option. So go and grab Mini DAYZ for free on Google Play right now.

Drop Wizard Tower

Drop Wizard Tower is a sequel to the original Drop Wizard, which never made it onto Android. Tower provides more of the same though, with Bubble Bobble inspired gameplay.

You’ll drop off platforms, shooting a spell when you land. Spells can stun enemies, at which point you can kick them into others, sending them tumbling into walls. Defeat them all and you’ll complete a level.

There’s new stuff in the form of levelling up, portrait mode, and more characters as well. So go and grab it right now from Google Play for free.

Grand Prix Story 2

Kairosoft was back at it once again this week, with a brand new simulator based on Grand Prix. It offers more of the trademark simulation gameplay you know and love, with you striving to create an expert team of racers.

You’ll control every aspect, from mechanics, racers, and cars, and then even have some input on the court. You can choose when your racers use their boost to ensure victory. Go and grab it from Google Play.

Grand Prix Story 2


Okay, so this is an unofficial port, but it’s still pretty cool that we can now play Spelunky on our phones. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a tough as nails platforming roguelike.

Levels are completely random as well, so there’s no chance you’ll get bored. There’s also a bunch of power ups and items to use on your adventure. Go and grab it right now.


Star Vikings Forever

Star Vikings Forever is a puzzle RPG that challenges you to build a team of spacefaring vikings and defeat a bunch of intergalactic snails. If it sounds crazy, that’s because it is.

It’s a bit tower defence, a bit turn based battler, and a whole lot of difficult. Thankfully, you can upgrade your vikings and equip them with a variety of hats that provide perks. Go and grab it from Google Play right now.

Traffic Panic Boom Town

If you like Sim City, you’ll love Traffic Panic Boom Town. It might have a slightly insane name, but it’s a very competent city builder. You inherit some land in the desert, and have to turn it into a city worth living in.

And that involves earning money, building stuff, and ensuring traffic runs smoothly. You can even visit your friend’s town to pick up some handy tips on how to improve yours. Go and grab it from Google Play.


Siege: Titan Wars

Siege: Titan Wars is like Clash Royale but with the ante ramped up to eleven. You collect cards, build a deck, and manage your energy costs like in its inspiration, but the battles are packed full of units.

There’s so much more going on the screen, and that’s before even mentioning the massive titan cards you can unleash. This is definitely worth checking out for the card battling crowd. Grab it on Google Play.


Dobble is a multiplayer card game that challenges you to match similar cards in two different orbs before your opponent does. Match multiple cards in a row and you’ll earn a combo, and get even more points.

Your opponent is also trying to do the same to you though, which is why speed is of the essence. If you like fast paced card games then Dobble is the one for you, so go and grab it from Google Play.


DOFUS Pets is a Tamagotchi style pet simulator based on the popular PC MMORPG DOFUS. You’ll choose a pet, then feed, clean, and make sure it’s got a nice bed to sleep in.

Later on you’ll dress it up in a variety of costumes and accessories, and even evolve it into a new thing depending on how you take care of it. You can even customise its habitat with a variety of environments. Grab it on Google Play.

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