The New AFK Journey Cinematic Trailer Promises A World Teeming With Character

The featured image for our AFK Journey trailer, featuring the game's title card printed in the blue sky, amidst some fluffy clouds.

The official YouTube channel for AFK Journey has posted a brand new trailer for the upcoming release. It’s primarily cinematic though, giving us a glance at some of the story, characters, and the general vibe.

AFK Journey is the upcoming sequel to AFK Arena. Developed by Lilith Games, it’s a 3D fantasy RPG that dips its toes into the strategy genre. It features a lengthy story campaign taking place in the land of Esperia.

Explore The Wonders Of Esperia

The trailer’s description teases a focus on the mystical land of Esperia, expanding upon what Arena started. The description reads “This time, we’re free to explore all the wonders of Esperia. Are you ready?” We definitely are!

We also see a different side to the game’s world, with grassy green fields surrounding a stone statue. The shot soon shifts to the main character being joined enthusiastically by faces both old and new, as he explores Esperia.

Finally, the cinematic side ends in a Mos Eisley-esque bar filled with a plethora of different characters, highlighting the game’s diverse roster.

New Features Revealed

After the cinematic segment ends, a new part of the trailer begins, showcasing some of the game’s different features. It teases a bunch of heroes and champions that will be available for you to collect, ranging from witches, to big furry monsters, and everything in between. It later teases that these characters will each have their own unique ultimate abilities, too.

It then moves on to focus on the strategy, hinting that traps and terrain will play a big role in you winning a battle. Additionally, quests, puzzles, and the vast world are also teased. The game is really shaping up to contain quite the variety of content.

We’re still unsure about when Lilith Games will launch AFK Journey globally, but for now, you can check out AFK Arena on Google Play.

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