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Android: 5 games news you should have read this week

Brawl Stars Android

We had a busy week on Android, with a bunch of exciting stories filling our pages. If you didn’t have time to keep up on them, don’t despair. We’ve rounded up the five best stories in this article to keep you informed.

The biggest Android games news this week: Brawl Stars gets a new update tomorrow and new brawler Gene soon

Brawl Stars got a sizeable update this week that introduced three new skins, a new environment, and new brawler models.

We also learned that a new brawler, Gene, will arrive in the game soon. She’s a ranged support brawler that can fill many roles.

Another Eden is a JRPG by the original creators of Chrono Trigger out now

Another Eden is an exciting new mobile exclusive JRPG that was developed by a supergroup of talent that worked on the likes of Chrono Trigger and Luminous Arc 2.

Thor: War of Tapnarok is a brand new clicker out now

This week a brand new clicker (tapper?) launched with Marvel branding. You help Thor and his fellows prevent Loki’s latest scheme from causing havoc in Asgard.

Mythgard is in alpha and you can test it right now

Mythgard is a brand new CCG in alpha right now that combines fantasy and the real world. Imagine dragons flying in the sky above you while you grab a coffee and you’re on the right lines.

Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls will launch on Android this year

Konami revealed in a recent earnings report that it still plans to launch Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls, an upcoming new 2D brawler entry in the franchise, on Android this year.

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