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Unbalanced Classes Make Chess Unplayable

Feature image for our chess feature. it shows a greyscale image of several chess pieces on a board, a black queen stood behind a tipped-over white king, flanked by two white knights.

At Droid Gamers we try to bring you the latest guides and strategies on Android games. The games we play might not always suit our personal tastes, but we set out to give the community the answers they want about popular titles. There are times when we draw the line, however. Recently, we’ve been investigating a popular new game called ‘Chess’ for guide opportunities. There are lots of different editions all over Google Play, and we thought we should see what all the fuss was about.

Well, after extensive playing we’ve only discovered that the game is an unbalanced mess with limited options and a massive learning curve that can only put new players off.

Severe Balancing Issues, Nerf Queen Now

The game has a small number of classes. The character models are extremely basic. Small cosmetic changes are the only way you can tell the different classes apart.

Within the class selection, it becomes quite clear that there is a massive gap in power levels. The one S-tier class, the Queen, is far above the rest, with maneuverability and speed that lets her dominate a battle.

Sadly, you can only acquire one team member of the Queen class from the start. If you want to get another, you have to take the D-tier Pawn class through a tedious leveling-up process, with no guarantee of success.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, you have to bring the same squad to the field each time, leaving you with lots of dead-weight D-tier characters. One of them, the King class, must constantly be carried to avoid losing the battle.

Where’s The Plot?

Another disappointment was no social mechanics at all. The characters received zero development and we could only watch them get killed off quickly without any time to get to know them. We really wanted to learn more about the Black Knight, but he died within five moves.

On the upside, you don’t have to contend with any gacha mechanics or pay-to-win in chess. Though we have heard that someone made an idle battling function called ‘Deep Blue’.

With all this in mind, we’d like to conclude that we hope you didn’t take this seriously.

Happy April Fools Day from the Droid Gamers’ Team!

If you want to see us talk about games slightly more seriously, check out our Best Android Horror Games feature.

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