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EVE Echoes – A Hands-on Experience at EVE Vegas

EVE Echoes is an immersive sci-fi space-based sandbox MMO going into open beta later this year. NetEase and CCP were taking Echoes around the globe in an Invasion World Tour and I got hands-on experience in Las Vegas.

This was NetEase and CCP’s chance to show off their new game and answer a few of my questions. If you are looking for more information about EVE Echoes then stay tuned, the main event is kicking off tomorrow.

An Interview with NetEase and CCP Games

I was lucky enough to get some time alone and with Wei Su, the NetEase Senior Producer and Bing Xi General Manager at CCP China. I asked them a few questions about what we can expect from EVE Echoes and what it was like to bring an established PC game to mobile.

What separates EVE Echoes from other mobile space-based MMOs?

“There are three main features that separate Echoes from other mobile games. The first is the sandbox features, which allow total freedom to our players. The second is the unique setting of EVE, where players can work together to form dominant powers across the solar system.

The last feature is by far the most important, the game is community-driven. This means we actively listen to what our players have to say and we are making changes based on what the users tell us.”

What features were difficult to transfer from PC to Mobile?

“Moving a PC game to mobile has many challenges and problems along the way. One of the hardest features to contend with was finding a way for mobile devices to support fleet fighting (fights with hundreds of players). We wanted to bring the unique feeling EVE creates on PC onto mobile devices, something that is easier said than done.”

How difficult was the user interface to implement?

“The UI was the biggest challenge we faced when trying to bring EVE to mobile. There are far fewer gestures and screen space for us to place menus, so we have to constantly rework our menus and improve them. The UI for Echoes went under a total revamp to work on mobile.”

What is the roadmap or future of the game?

“Our biggest priority is to get feedback from the community and make changes. We are a community-driven game so it’s important for us to get the players thoughts and suggestions. Besides that, we plan on improving sovereignty, adding bigger ships and making EVE a better game.”

Is there anything you would like to say to anyone who hasn’t played EVE Before?

“Give us a try, we listen to what the players have to say. Please provide feedback and have your thoughts change the game.” – Wei Su.

“If you haven’t tried us yet for any reason, then now is your best chance to get an EVE experience on your phone.” – Bing Xi.

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