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First Impressions of Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile is an MMORPG which has soft-launched in several countries across the globe. Unfortunately, it’s not yet available in the USA but I was lucky enough to get some time with it.

I want to say I haven’t had too much time with Black Desert on PC, so I won’t make too many comparisons to the original. My experiences are focused on is Black Desert Mobile a mobile game worth playing?


Black Desert Mobile brings over the insanely detailed customisation made famous by the original Black Desert. You can customise everything about your character including the usual features like the hairstyle, colour and shape.

What makes this system special is that it has been optimised for touch screen. Meaning you can click and drag on your characters face to change or manipulate their facial features. There are many games that have customisation like this, but Black Desert Mobile is one of the best.

All of this customisation isn’t for nothing. There is a photo mode where you can emote and show off the design of your character to other players. Not all players will care about customising a character, but this level of detail will allow players to create exactly what type of character they want.


Summarising gameplay is difficult because Black Desert Mobile feels like several video games. Graphically, it looks a lot like Dark Souls with the boss fights requiring the same dodging and learning of the bosses attack patterns.

Gameplay-wise, it feels like The Witcher with free roam and horses for travelling. But the attack system implements the skill system used by many mobile RPGs. Where each attack has a cooldown timer before we can use again it, meaning the user to attack tactically.

I have to warn you that there is an auto-play feature. I recommend you play with the feature turned off because it takes you out of the gameplay. The auto features are not all bad, as after you select a quest your character will make their way to the quest location without the need for your input.

Unique Features

Black Desert Mobile has a lot going on. I know loads of MMO’s nowadays have several things to do besides the main story, but Black Desert Mobile is particularly packed full of content. As well as the main story, PvE and several Raids, there is also a camp to build and upgrade.

The camp is your own bit of land, where you construct buildings, hire workers, and unlock unique game modes. The buildings you create have uses beyond helping the camp grows, you can also use them to refine Black Stones (which are used to upgrade your gear).

There is a lot of micromanaging involved in the camp. You may hire a lazy worker who needs disciplining or you may need to change what jobs each worker is doing. After you have established a happy camp, you can trade with other players for resources and items.

Final Thoughts

I have not reviewed Black Desert Mobile because it is way too soon to review a game as large as this one is. It’s one of those games that players can spend a load of time in and not regret any of it. I can imagine that players will be desperate to show off their characters and creations for years to come.

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