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The Top 10 Best Nitrome Games for Android

Nitrome is one of the most prolific developers and publishers on mobile – and it doesn’t just make lots of games, it makes lots of awesome games. So we thought it’d be a good idea to pick ten of them that you should definitely play.

We’ve got dungeon crawlers, platformers, action games and loads more. And they’re all awesome. Seriously, you could download all ten of these and just be happy for a while. Happy-ish, at least.

If you’ve got your own favorite Nitrome game, then be sure to add it in the comments section at the bottom of the article. Before that, let’s get on with it – here are the best Nitrome games for Android.

Leap Day

A sharp-edged platformer that gets a brand new level every day. It’s loads of fun, it’s going to keep you on your toes, and it’s pretty much impossible to play it without a big smile on your face.

Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire

A super smart action game that sees you scribbling magic spells onto the screen in order to pop balloons and kill attackers. It’s a prime example of the ingenious twists that Nitrome adds to familiar templates. Oh, and it’s loads of fun too.

Turn Undead 2

A horror-themed, turn-based action puzzling platformer. It’s got some super smart ideas that are going to make you think about the challenges it throws in your general direction. It’s got simple controls and a great spooky swagger.

Drop Wizard Tower

A shiny re-imagining of some classic arcade mechanics. Single-screen action platforming, difficult in all of the right ways and lovely looking. When you die, you’re going to jump back in, that’s how addictive the game is.

Silly Sausage in Meat Land

An amazing game about a stretchy dog trying to avoid spikes, flames and all manner of other dangers. It’s super smart, and it’ll make you think in new ways. There’s a hefty challenge here, as well as more than a dollop of glee.


Is it a gun? Is it a brick? It’s both of those things, and more. You’ll roll around, finding the right ways to land so you’re attacking in the right direction. It’s not just a simple shooter, it’s way more than that.

Rust Bucket

A turn-based dungeon crawler that sees you playing as a helmet. It’s got plenty of roguelike elements, it’s endless, and it’s super tough in all the right ways. There’s lots to love here, and you’ll have the best time playing it.


Another dungeon crawler, this time with a more action-packed outlook. You have simple controls and you need to dart through all sorts of obstacles if you want to succeed. There’s plenty of sweaty palms waiting for you if you play this one.

Tower Fortress

An upwards roguelite that sees you leaping through the levels of a tower, shooting everything that you see. At the end of each challenge you’ll get an upgrade. Kill bosses, get stronger, keep on pushing through the tower.

Beneath the Lighthouse

A rolling puzzle platformer, smart and engaging and probably the best looking game that Nitrome has made. It’s packed full of fluid, immersive gameplay and intelligent mechanics.

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