This Week on Droid Gamers: Sales, Pre-Registrations, Upcoming Games and More

This week was a busy week, mainly due to a lot of games going up for sale. What also helped this week fly by were the several new games coming to Android devices soon.

Whether you are looking for a new game to pre-register for or an old game on sale, this week had it all. If you would rather look at new games that have just come out, then check out yesterday’s guide.


As of today, every game listed below is still on sale. Whether they remain on sale from Monday onwards is unknown, so if you like the look of the games mentioned, today is your best chance to land a bargain.

Upcoming Games

We reserve this section for games coming to Android in the distant future, which are not up for pre-registration yet. So, these are the games to keep at the back on your mind because it’s unlikely any of them will be out in 2019.


Below is a small list of all the games that went up for pre-registration this week. If you want to see the list of all games available to for pre-registration the Google Play store, then click this link.


This last section is just for any stories that did not fit into the categories above. If you are looking for an old-school physics puzzle game with a new lease of life, then you should check out Pebble Universe.

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