Anime Adventures Wolf Shadow – How To Evolve Megomu

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Looking to get the best out of your troops in Anime Adventures but a little lost on the details? Don’t worry! Our Anime Adventures Wolf Shadow guide covers one of these, all about how to evolve one of your units.

Anime Adventures is a tower defense game on Roblox that lets you recruit teeny versions of familiar faces from popular anime. They might have different names, but it’s quite easy to tell who’s who. Team up with other players or go it alone to get through the stages.

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Anime Adventures Wolf Shadow Guide

Here we’ll try and cover anything you need to know about the item.

About The Wolf Shadow

The Wolf Shadow item is an evolution item in Anime Adventures for use on Megomu, to create the Megomu (Chimera Shadow) variant. You’ll need two Wolf Shadows, and forth Curse Talismans to kick off the evolution.

Acquiring The Wolf Shadow

Possibly the easiest way to get the item requires a little luck. It is part of the item pool in the Travelling Merchant Shop, and has a chance to be available to buy for 3500 Gems every time the shop opens, though as the items for sale change each time, you might not be able to get it without waiting for a while, or just trying your luck from time to time.

Crafting The Wolf Shadow

Another option for getting hold of the Wolf Shadow is via crafting. This is potentially more dififcult, but more consistent than waiting to find it at the Travelling Merchant. To craft one you’ll need the following ingredients.

  • 2 Rainbow Star Fruit
  • 6 Green Star Fruit
  • 5 Pink Star Fruit
  • 6 Blue Star Fruit
  • 15 Star Fruit
  • 3,450 Gold

Keep in mind you’ll need two of the item to evolve Megomu.

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