Anime Fantasy Reroll Shard Guide

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This Anime Fantasy Reroll Shard Guide tells you what this item is, how to get it and what it does. Hint: If you’re struggling with the luck of the draw, you’ll need this nifty material!

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Anime Fantasy Reroll Shard Guide

A Reroll Shard is identified by its purple gem-like appearance. This item is key for rerolling your unit’s Traits. Traits take your unit and apply new permanent buffers to them, but like a gamble, you cannot predetermine what you get.

When rerolling, the current Trait becomes replaced with the new one regardless of whether the new Trait is better or worse. For this reason, I recommend farming for quite a few Reroll Shards to maximise your chances.

A Trait Reroll costs 1 Reroll Shard per unit unless the Unit is Mythical rarity or higher, then it will fetch you 5 Reroll Shards per roll.

How To Get Reroll Shards

You obtain Reroll Shards in two ways, with one method being far more frequent. Sometimes Reroll Shards are awarded through Codes. Though, it is never a guarantee since the DEVs have plenty of rewards to choose from.

The more likely method is to participate in Raids. This game mode is accessible through the Teleport menu with currently four different world options to choose from and play. Raids offer unique rewards alongside Reroll Shards such as Evolution items. So if you have a unit capable of Evolving, I recommend choosing the Raid which has the chance to drop the Evo materials too. Kill two birds with one stone, as the saying goes.

The Traits

Onto all the Traits currently in the game. If you want a full breakdown into each Trait including buff and roll percentage, check out the Traits guide linked at the start of this guide.

  • Xenith – Mythical
  • Aurora – Mythical
  • Astral – Mythical
  • Golden -Mythical
  • Celestial – Mythical
  • Ethereal – Mythical
  • Fortune – Legendary
  • Ascension – Legendary
  • Lightning – Legendary
  • Radiant – Legendary
  • Adept – Legendary
  • Swift – Rare
  • Range – Rare
  • Powerful – Rare

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