GPO Resurrected Baal Guide

Feature image for our GPO resurrected Baal guide. It shows an in-game cutscene of resurrected Baal opening a hell portal.

GPO’s spookiest update of the year has finally arrived, and the spookiest thing of all might be the monster that is the Baal boss. If you want to get your hands on some great rewards though, you’ll have to face him, whether in his Resurrected or True forms. Fortunately, we’re here to assist if you’re feeling turned around. Our GPO Resurrected Baal guide covers everything you need to know.

Grand Piece Online, or GPO is a Roblox game that drops you into the world of the anime and manga giant One Piece. Take on quests, level your character, and set sail onto dangerous seas in a world where all kinds of things are possible.

You can grab Grand Piece Online on Roblox.

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GPO Resurrected Baal Guide

Here we tell you the info you need. In the right sections, of course.

Resurrecting Baal

If you want to face this boss you’ll need to call him yourself. For this, you need to head to the island of Transylvania. There, you need to find an altar lined with skulls. There are three slots on the altar, and you need to fill them with the following:

  • Zombie Arms – Dropped by the Zombie enemies around the island. There are lots on the main steps.
  • Wandering Souls – Dropped by Ghost enemies. Can be found on the island in the woods under the large bridge.
  • Zombie Legs – Dropped by Zombie enemies as well as legs.

Once these are placed into the respective slots, a cut scene will play and Baal will arrive.

Fighting Resurrected Baal

Resurrected Baal will attack shortly after the cutscene. You’ll fight him in the area around the shrine. He has 10,000HP and isn’t extremely high on defense, so you should wear him down easily enough. The bigger challenge will be getting damage in as other players are likely to jump in on the summon.

The Hell Portal

Once you’ve knocked enough health off Resurrected Baal, another cutscene will play showing him opening an orange portal.

Head to that portal. It’s found on the very top of the island, by climbing the large staircase. (Or just using techniques to hop through the air.)

Head through the portal to face True Demon Baal.

True Demon Baal

True Demon Baal resides in Hell and is a lot tankier than his Transylvania counterpart. He has 80,000HP.

True Demon Baal resembles a huge pumpkin on legs. Once you take off enough HP the top will fall off the pumpkin revealing two monstrous heads.

The boss is very big, and does have grab attacks, so ranged is advised. Try and get the damage in for the best chance at the rewards he drops on defeat.

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