How To Get The Killing Curse In RO-Wizard

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Are you struggling on How To Get The Killing Curse In RO-Wizard? If you want this dark magic spell, this guide is here to help. Legillimens, also known as The Killing Curse, is the one of the most powerful dark magic spells in the game. If dark magic is your thing and you’re looking at how to get this spell, this guide has you covered!

RO-Wizard is a Roblox game that has been inspired by Harry Potter. In the game, you are in a mysterious wizardry school filled with secrets for you to find. You learn different spells, create different potions, battle monsters, and duelling with other players – work your way up to become one of the best wizards there is! The game offers lots of different spells and runes for you to learn and practice along the way, however this is definitely one of the most powerful ones there is.

Want to try the spell for yourself? Play RO-Wizard on Roblox. If secrets are your thing and want to find another secret in the game, we have a guide on How To Enter The Chamber of Secrets In RO-Wizard.

How To Get The Killing Curse In RO-Wizard

You’ll need to get The Headmasters Key and head to the library with it. Use the key on the restricted door until it opens up. Straight away you’ll be met with monsters who will be attacking you, so be careful.

When you see the cobweb blocking the doorway, use your Diffindo spell to remove it. Again, be careful in this area as there are monsters inside who will be attacking you, so make sure you have some spells learnt to be able to fight them off.

As it’s dark, you’ll have to walk around for a bit until you find the spell book. This spell book looks like the others in the game. Interact with that and you’ll learn the spell.

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