Guide: How to level up in Zenonia 3 without really doing anything

So we haven’t posted any sort of guide in awhile but one of our staff, Chris, happened to figure out a pretty nifty little trick in Gamevil’s newest game, Zenonia 3. This trick will help you level up without actually doing anything really. If you don’t mind standing in a corner for awhile, you can gain a lot of levels.

This trick takes advantage of the co-op mode in Zenonia 3. By using Co-op, you can have the computer controlled character you team up with do all the work for you while you sit back and collect XP. This is more effective at lower levels of course as you will gain more XP per kill. So how do you do this?


  • Go into the Executioner Room and head to the Challenger Tower
  • Go into Co-op and add this character name hsh1619 or if you are level 65+ use this name Ghhjjkikbvf to get a level 75 teammate
  • Select the level 4 guy
  • Party up
  • Stand in corner (minimal running around at times)
  • ….
  • Profit??

Step-by-step screenshots – should be in order. Click to enlarge.

What happens is that once you are partied up the computer controlled character, you can stand still in a safe place and just collect XP while the computer controlled character runs around killing everything. Granted you will only want to do this if you’ve already finished the game or don’t care for the storyline and just want to get into the high levels as soon as possible. On average it takes the level 4 character you are in co-op with about 20minutes to clear 30 rooms.

Please be aware that in any future updates that get released for Zenonia 3 that this could be fixed. Until then, enjoy!

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