How to set up a Zeemote to play Gamevil games on your Android phone

Got yourself a shiny new Zeemote? Do you love gamevil rpg games as much as me? Unlikely, but I’ll let you in on a little secret. You can now use a Zeemote remote to control almost any game that can be played with a physical keypad, which includes Gamevil classics such as Zenonia, Zenonia 2 and the new release, Illusia.

How is this achieved? By installing BlueZ IME on your device (free on Android market) you will have the ability to use the Zeemote as a “keyboard”. All you need to do is pair the remote with your phone and select BlueZ IME as your input in the keyboard settings. What helps make this possible, is due to a recent update to the BlueZ IME, you can now specify what keys each button on the Zeemote will emulate.

So without further ado, and with many thanks to Gamevil for providing the key layout… here’s how you can set your Zeemote to play no less than 3 Gamevil games.

  • Install BlueZ IME from Android market (thanks to HexaD)
  • Enable Bluetooth and pair with the Zeemote.
  • Run BlueZ and have it connect to the remote
  • Select BlueZ IME from the available input methods in the BlueZ app.
  • Under key mapping, select the following options.
  • Leave all directions as default, no point fixing what isn’t broken
  • Set button A to ENTER
  • Set button B to space
  • Leave C as default
  • Set button D to BACKSPACE



There you go, all done. Now, in Zenonia 1 and 2 you can use button A to attack, and D for the menu. In Illusia, A will attack, B will jump and C will open the menu.

Now the only problem you will have is the screen sleep time…. which I hope Gamevil will fix by adding the permission to prevent sleep (wink wink nudge nudge thanks).

This should work with almost any device, and the same layout can also be used with most emulator games, just make sure you configure the emulator to use this key config, and you won’t have any problems.

Market Link: BlueZ IME

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