Mini Plane Tips

Here are some Tips and Tricks right from Orange Pixel to help you get more points and become a Master pilot for Mini Plane.

Basic skill enhancement

1. Your fuel runs down faster if you press the screen. So if you press the screen continuously your fuel will drop faster! Let go of the throttle sometimes!.

2. Some extra points can be racked up by doing building-flyby’s. This means you fly closely ontop of a building and if you do that for 2 seconds you get points! This is especially simple to do at the start of every game, so use it to your advantage!

3. If you can collect all stars, without missing a single one, each star will increase in value. Very easy to do at the start of a level with less traffic.. make use of it!

4. Collect three, or more, superstars and you will get an extended play! This means you get to play in another level and increase your score even more!

Medium skills

1. Flyby’s! If you already mastered the building flyby’s, try doing it with opponent planes ! It’s slightly more difficult, but it can increase your points quickly

2. Save the humans on the buildings. Making resque’s is worth 100 points! If you can master this skill you will find yourself moving up in the global rankings.

Developer Website: Orange Pixel

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