Monopoly Go Free Rolls – Tips, Tricks, and Cheats

Dice in Monopoly Go

If there’s one thing we know for sure after spending a bunch of time with the latest mobile version of Monopoly it’s this: Monopoly Go free rolls aren’t easy to come by.

The game plays like Coin Master, though the gameplay involves rolling dice on a traditional Monopoly board rather than spinning slots. Similarly to Coin Master, you can only roll a certain number of times before the game starts asking you for money.

Unlike Coin Master, though, you can’t simply head on over to Facebook to grab some free spins in the form of links. Instead, you have to rely on your cunning to play more than a single session per day.

However, that’s where we come in. We’ve spent a ton of time playing to bring you these tips, tricks, and cheats that you can use to get more Monopoly Go free rolls.

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Monopoly Go Free Rolls

Consider the tips below to be a checklist of daily activities you should perform to maximise the number of Monopoly Go free rolls you can get.

Play Regularly

Let’s get the most obvious tip out of the way first: you should play regularly to maximise the number of free rolls you get. Why? Well, you get a free roll every five minutes, and this number is capped at 30 initially, though you can lift it by levelling up.

What that means is, once you have 30 rolls ready to go, you can no longer earn any further free rolls. By not playing every single time this cap is reached, you’re, effectively, wasting rolls. Set up notifications so you never forget, or simply check in twice per day to ensure that you’re always spending your free rolls.

Town Upgrades

You can spend the cash you earn from rolling dice on town upgrades, including statues, buildings, and other real life points of interest. Once you’ve built all upgrades a town has to offer, and upgraded them to max, your town is considered complete and you move onto the next one.

When this happens, you earn Monopoly Go free rolls that you can use on the board. That’s right – it pays to spend in Monopoly Go.

Level Up

As you roll dice and spend money, your net worth increases, and this number represents your level. As your net worth increases, you earn various rewards that can occasionally include free rolls.

The only way you can increase your net worth is by playing though, so this is more something that will just happen as you progress.

Complete Albums

Much like in Coin Master, you can occasionally open sticker packs that reward you with stickers. These are all part of a specific album, and if you complete the album you get rewards that can include free rolls.

You earn stickers as you play, via events, or for daily logins, so don’t worry too much about chasing them down. You can trade duplicates with friends, or by joining the trading group on Facebook.

Login Rewards

The first time you login to Monopoly Go each day, you earn a reward. Yes, these can include free rolls! You can check the rewards on a weekly basis, so you always know when to expect some dice.

Daily Challenges

Each day, you can complete three simple challenges to get your hands on some quick rewards. As you can expect, these do include free wins on occasion, so make sure to check in each day and complete them.

These daily challenges all go towards weekly rewards too, so make sure to keep completing these every day.

Add Friends

Each time you invite a friend and they start playing Monopoly Go, you earn 30 free rolls. Go crazy and invite as many people as possible.

And that will do it for this guide. If you haven’t played it yet, grab Monopoly Go on Google Play right now.

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