Peroxide Soul Reaper Progression – How to Become a Vizard

Peroxide soul reaper.

Want to become a Vizard? You need my Peroxide Soul Reaper progression guide to help you. In this guide, I’m going to detail everything you need to know about Soul Reapers. I’ll start with how to become one, move onto progression, then take a look at the various clans you can join, abilities you can unlock, and more. By the end of it, you will be a master Soul Reaper.

Peroxide is a Roblox RPG that draws inspiration from the hit anime series Bleach. You become a Quincy, Fullbringer, Hollow, or Soul Reaper, and battle to become the most powerful fighter. There are a wide variety of abilities to unlock, areas to explore, and much more.

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How to Become a Peroxide Soul Reaper

The first step on your Soul Reaper progression is to become a Soul Reaper in the first place. Fortunately, that’s also the easiest step. Here’s how to do it in bullet points:

  • Follow the eye-shaped icon to Kisue
  • Chat to him and complete his quest to become a Soul Reaper

Unlock Meditation

The next step is to unlock Meditation, which involves reaching level 15. To achieve this, you need to kill Hollows and train your stats. Head on over to the gym to keep your stats topped up as you progress, and make sure to three star the stat you are focusing on to gain bonus levels in it while fighting.

I also recommend heading to a private server for this step, as you will face far less competition for Hollow farming. Overall though, it shouldn’t take too long to reach level 15. At this point, you unlock Meditate, which, in turn, helps you unlock your Shikai…

Get Your Shikai

Once you are level 15, you can unlock your Shikai. This is one of the more complex steps in the game, and involves beating a minigame and then a boss. Let’s head to bullet points!

  • Press N to meditate
  • Run around the new area and collect the glowing orbs
  • While doing this, you will get a quest. These involve:
    • Defeating an Adjuchas
    • Defeating a Soul Reaper
  • Keep collecting orbs and completing quests until you have 160 orbs

At this point, you can unlock your Shikai. Simply press N to meditate again, and you will appear in an arena where you have to face yourself. Defeat this boss and you will unlock your Shikai.

Bear in mind that this boss is very difficult, and uses both Shikai abilities and those that you have equipped. Take your time, be patient, and you will defeat it eventually.

How to Use Your Shikai

Before we move on with the Soul Reaper progression, here’s everything you need to know about Shikai.

  • You have a new Shikai bar that fills up as you fight
  • It also passively drains outside of combat
  • When it’s at least 20% full, press G to activate it

As you progress your Shikai, you can unlock new moves and also the ability to use your Shikai when the progress bar is at 0%.

Get to Level 85

The next step involves unlocking your Bankai, which takes absolutely ages. Not only do you have to level up to 85, but you also need to earn points by completing set activities. We’ll move onto that in the next step of this guide though.

Right now, you’re probably wondering: how do I level up fast? Well, at this point there’s one particularly good option: head to Soul Society and complete quests. To get there, use your ‘Senkaimon’ ability to create a teleport that brings you straight there. You unlock this when you become a Soul Reaper.

Speak to the NPCs in this city to gain quests, which you can complete to earn rewards and XP. I recommend doing two additional things to gain even more XP:

  • Play in a private server to avoid clashing with other players
  • Kill all enemies you encounter along the way for additional XP

You can, of course, simply complete quests in the main hub city. These don’t provide as much XP or rewards, but they are much easier and faster to complete.

Also, make sure to keep going to the gym and levelling stats as you go. Particularly focus on speed and damage stats as these will help you kill faster and get around with greater ease.

Get Your Bankai

Once you have reached level 85, you need to earn 420 points from the following activites:

  • Beat a Time Gate: 75
  • Fail a Time Gate: 25
  • Beat a Boss: 1 point per % of HP depleted
  • Defeat a Storm Vastocar: 10 points (need at deplete at least 60% of boss’s HP to get the points)
  • Invasions (requires level 80+):
    • Steal an object: 12
    • Kill Guards: 12
    • Kill a leader: 22

The numbers next to each activity are the points you get for completing them. Also, to answer the question you may have: yes, you can progress your point total during the level process by completing the above activites.

At level 80, it might even be worth focusing on Invasions as your primary form of levelling. Not only will you accrue decent XP, but you will also get a ton of points to progress your Bankai.

Also, hot tip: save every Time Remnant you drop during this phase as you will need it for the final step in progression.

Anyway, how do you actually get your Bankai? Well, you get it the same way you do your Shikai, minus the minigame. Press N to meditate, speak to your Inner Spirit, and face him in combat.

How to Defeat the Bankai Boss

The Bankai Boss battle is very tough, as it uses all of your abilities, plus the Bankai you unlock upon defeating it. It’s also split into two phases.

Phase One

This phase doesn’t involve combat. Instead, you have to pick up seven swords that fall from the sky, which gives you back your weapon and allows you to progress to phase two.

Once you have beat this phase once, you don’t have to perform it again.

Phase Two

This is the battle phase, and involves you defeating the Bankai boss. As a reminder, the boss has all of your abilities plus that of your Bankai. When the boss activates the Bankai, kite until it ends as this deals insane damage.

Defeat it and get your Bankai.

How to Use Your Bankai

You activate your Bankai the same way that you do your Shikai: by pressing G. The difference here is that the Shikai bar has to be completely full to activate it.

Your Bankai lasts 33 seconds at the lowest level, and 190 at the highest. To increase your Bankai, simply use it or spar with your inner spirit while meditating.

While in Bankai mode, you have the following buffs:

  • Strength: +20%
  • Spirit: +30%
  • Vitality: +25%

Reach Max Level

Continue levelling until the max, which is currently 100. At this point, you can complete the final stage of Soul Reaper progression: become a Vizard.

Hot tip: focus on Invasions, Time Gates, and Incursions to level up, as you need a Time Remnant to become a Vizard. These are a rare drop so focus on getting one.

How to Become a Vizard

At level 100, focus on getting a Time Remnant, which are a very rare drop. You can get them from:

  • Incursions: 0.1%
  • Invasions (Easy and Normal): 0.1%
  • Invasions (Hard): 0.2%
  • Time Gates (Win): 0.6%

You probably want to focus on Time Gates at this point, as they have the highest chance of granting you a Time Remnant. Once you get one, choose the Impure Hogyoku item, as you need this to become a Vizard.

Simply use the Impure Hogyoku item to become a Vizard.

Vizard Buffs

Vizard is a bit of a double-edged sword. You gain the following stats while in Vizard mode:

  • Mastery 1: 6% (all stats)
  • Mastery 2: 9% (all stats)
  • Mastery 3: 12% (all stats)
  • Vizards can use Arrancar moves, which is another bonus.

When you exit Vizard mode though, you lose 15% of all stats. So, you might actually not want to become a Vizard in the first place.

You have a new Vizard bar, which you have to fill to access Vizard mode. You gain an additional 3% stats, on top of those above, if you use Vizard below 50% full, and 6.5% when the bar is full.

Finally, you can train Vizard mode by using it as often as possible. There are three tiers of mastery, and each level provides the above stat bonus plus Vizard mode lasts longer.

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