Project Mugetsu Bankai Guide

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This Project Mugetsu Bankai Guide tells you how to achieve Bankai, what it is and lists every Bankai including its rarity.

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Project Mugetsu Bankai Guide

Bankais are the peak of a Soul Reaper’s power, obtained only when a Soul Reaper player reaches level 75 of their Meditation progress. (Though this number is slimmer for the Urahara clan, landing at level 50 Meditation).

When at level, to obtain your Bankai you’ll need to battle your Zanpakuto and win. This battle can be completed every 12 minutes if you don’t succeed at first, and every Soul Reaper player must eventually get their Bankai.

To reach the level, you’ll need to Meditate and generate Meditation EXP by selecting the correct keys which pop up on the screen. Selecting the correct one gives +1 Mediation EXP (+2 if you have x2 Mastery). However, selecting the wrong key will subtract -10 Meditation EXP (-20 if you have x2 Mastery).

Alternatively, you can wait until your meditative state allows you to prematurely fight your Zanpakuto, which gives a sum of Meditation EXP amongst other variants of EXP upon defeat.

Once you have your Bankai, you activate it you must have a full Ignition Bar (Blue bar on game screen) and type ‘Bankai’ in the game chatroom to draw the power forward.

How To Reroll A Bankai

Rerolling Bankai duels for enrolling your Zanpakuto. To do this, speak to the Dante NPC located in Hueco Mundo, who will reroll your Bankai in exchange for $85k.

All Bankai In Project Mugetsu

Onto the complete list of all Bankai including their rarity.

Legendary – 1% Rate

  • Zanka No Tachi
  • Nozarashi
  • Minazuki

Rare – 10%

  • Kamishini No Yari
  • Senbonzakura Kageyoshi

Uncommon – 29%

  • Daiguren Hoyinmaru

Common – 60%

  • Tensa Zangetsu

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