Sol’s RNG Matrix Guide – All About The Super-Rare Aura

Feature image for our Sol's RNG Matrix guide. It shows a floating orb of green energy on a floating game island.

Curious about one of the rarest Auras in Sol’s RNG? We’re here to demystify it a little! The Sol’s RNG Matrix is a guide that sets out to let you know about the Aura itself, and offer some help on how to get the best chance possible.

Sol’s RNG is a Roblox game that really throws you into the thrill of the roll… without the pain of having to part with Robux to roll again. Hit the button to try for a different aura. There are tons to collect, all with different rarities and visual effects. The rarer the aura, the bigger the flex.

Check out the Roblox page for more about Sol’s RNG! If you’re out to keep rolling then take a look at our Sol’s RNG codes guide.

Sol’s RNG Matrix Aura Guide

So, what’s it all about?

About Matrix

Matrix is a Normal-type aura that resembles floating green gears around the user, along with musical notes rotating around in a circle.

How To Get Matrix

Getting Matrix doesn’t require any special tricks. In theory you can roll it off the bat, but that is a bit of a tall order. Until the release of Impeached, Matrix was the rarest aura available, at a chance of 1 in 50,000,000 chance without anything boosting your luck. Oof. That’s a lot of rolling.

There are some ways to lean the odds into your favor though, Luck boosts increase your chances of something good, so Matrix isn’t quite as hard to find.

There are various ways to boost your good fortune.

These include:

  • Luck potions are found around the map.
  • You get a boosted Luck roll every ten rolls.
  • Equipment such as the Luck Glove and Solar Device, craftable at Jake’s Workshop.
  • Luck boosts awarded by the devs.
  • Completing the floating island obby.

Hopefully that’ll help you get it sooner rather than later.

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