Vuvuzela Pilgrammed Guide

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If you’re out to get your hands on a really broken early-game weapon, we can help you out. Our Vuvuzela Pilgrammed guide goes over this weird weapon and shows your exactly how to get it.

Pilgrammed in an experience on the popular Roblox platform. It’s an open-world action RPG that doesn’t pull its punches. You may die repeatedly and horribly on your quest across the land, but if you learn something while you do, then it’s all part of the challenge.

You can find Pilgrammed on Roblox. If you’re looking for more freebies, check out our Pickaxe Mining Simulator codes, Gym Simulator codes, and Anime Defense Simulator codes.

Vuvuzela Pilgrammed Guide

Below we’ll try and cover any information that you might find useful.

About The Vuvuzela

The Vuvuzela is a Pilgrammed jmagic weapon that has an unusual method of use. Rather than attacking directly, the Vuvzela summons small thief enemies to fight for you when activated. You can summon a maximum of two little guys at any one time. When one or both die, the next summon will be ready to go.

How To Get The Vuvuzela

The Vuvuzela is dropped by the Thief King boss in The King’s Den. You can find the dungeon in the cliffside right outside of Vermeil Village, and you’ll need to complete it as part of your initial set of quests from Abraska.

You can find the boss by entering The King’s Den and following the left-hand path through the cave. The boss may be hostile on entering his area. If he is not, simply interact with him and ask to fight to kick off the battle.

On defeat, the boss has a 19.55% chance to drop the Vuvzela, so you might need to fight him a few times to get the item.

About Pilgrammed

Pilgrammed is an action RPG on Roblox. It gives you a wide world to explore, full of deadly enemies, bosses, loot, and quirky NPCs. Wander the world at your leisure, but be careful! It’s full of monsters that won’t think twice about sending you right back to the checkpoint. You can buy new gear and mine for ore to get better equipment, you might need it!

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