[Updated] 22 Cans’ Kickstarter for Godus almost successful, stretch goals added

22 Cans is already working on their next game after having sucked the world free time away with their first release called Curiosity: What’s Inside The Cube?. We have actually talked about this game already a few times in the past few weeks but for those of you who missed our previous coverage of Godus, this is what you can expect from 22 Cans next title.

The quick and dirty explanation of Godus is that this game will have you playing as a god-type diety, similar to other games like Populous but will have the depth and multiplayer of Dungeon Keeper. Essentially players will be shaping their kingdom and lands, while engaging into it rather deep multiplayer combat gameplay.

So far the Kicktarter campaign for Godus has been pretty successful with the current total sitting at £445,042 out of their goal of £450,000 with 47 hours to go. Since it is very likely that this will be another successful Kickstarter for 22 Cans, the company has added some new stretch goals to their listing. At £460K 22 Cans will add 3 new single players and multiplayer modes to the game. Some of the other stretch goals are pretty good including Co-op multiplayer at £500K. However at £550K, which seems kind of unlikely with 47 hours to go but stranger things have happened, Godus will also arrive for the OUYA Android gaming console.

If it doesn’t reach that goal to bring Godus to OUYA it will still be available for Android devices anyways. It looks like Godus is in for a pretty close finish with only 47 hours remaining.

Update: Dec. 19th, 2012 1:24pm PST: Godus is now successfully funded. Now it is all about the stretch goals.

Website Referenced: Godus Kickstarter

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