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Peter Molyneux’s Godus Kickstarter updated with a new video, shows off a little bit of gameplay

Peter Molyneux and his 22 Cans studio are already working on a new game which they recently hit up Kickstarter with for additional funding to get the game completely. A cross between Populous and Dungeon Keeper, this game will be a blend of playing as a God-like deity, shaping your kingdom and lands, while meshing into it rather deep multiplayer gameplay.

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22 Cans apologizes for Curiosity game connectivity issues and bugs with a video

When Peter Molyneux and his new studio, 22 Cans, released their social game experiment Curiosity: What’s Inside the Cube? the other day, they didn’t expect the response to be as overwhelming as it has been, having seen a much larger install and player base than originally expected. A lot of people want to know what is inside a cube and with Peter Molyneux promising it’ll blow your mind, I think everyone is a little bit curiosity as to what is in there.

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Monday Morning Humor: Molyneux’s Curiosity gets a new name, next game announced

We have talked about Peter Molyneux’s upcoming virtual piƱata game coming in September a few times already, mostly because of the humor we find behind the entire thing. As we reported last week, the game was delayed from its August 22nd release date to sometime in September due to NASA having an issue with the game’s name being Curiosity. Well Mr. Molyneux has come up with a new name, not very original, but still somewhat new.